i went over to Heather’s house today for the first time in 2 weeks and
it was almost going to be 3 weeks but we fixed it so i could come over
today! for those of you who don’t know, which may be a few, she’s the
BFF and i ♥ her. i showed up at like 12:45 and Amber and Nora were
there. we fiddled around for a little while and went out for a walk.
Amber was leaving to go to work soon so we went to a few stores and got
donuts, and other stuff. i saw Nora’s house/room for the first time
today since her parents are all lol no straight guys allowed even
though i barely qualify as one. we were walking around and well it
started snowing, like real big flakes snowing. we were all covered in
snow and the second we get to Heather’s house it fricken stopped
snowing and the sun came out. we were all like are you serious!
eventually Amber left at like 3 and she was gonna be late for work
again and we all loled. Nora left like 5 minutes later. Heather and i
went to qmart after that, which is a farmer’s market we go to on like a
monthly occurrence, and that lasted until about 5:30. we got some food
walked around in the cold, it had been snowing on and off all day so
far, and after that Heather’s mom went to kmart. us two stayed in the
car and talked about lots of stuff. actually we did a lot of talking at
qmart too, well at least in my opinion. anyways got back to the house
around 7, watched random videos of mostly kat-tun, news, and big bang
and went to watch dawson’s creek around 7:30. that lasted until like 10
when Heather’s mom was like k let’s go now. we just started the last
episode on the 2nd disk which i’ve been told is like amazingness and
now it has to wait until next weekend. next weekend is a very, very
important day and i really hope it goes through exactly as i expect it
to. march 8th is exactly 1 year since me and Heather have been
friends!!!1111!!!!2 i have big plans sort of for next weekend but i
highly doubt any of them will really happen haha. only about 50 days
until new york comic con and i get to see T.M Revolution play live!!!
omg i want the upcoming months to pass by so so quickly like nobody has
any idea. i just want tomorrow to be april 19th, and the day after to
be august 7th…. cause that should happen!

today i went to Heather’s house after having a big old fight with her
last night.  surprisingly it ended well enough that i wanted to go to
her house today.  anyways i got there at 1 since my parents were being
very slow.  she gave me my presents and yay candy it made me happy :(. 
we sat around for a bit watching random videos on her computer, mainly
arashi’s new pv and big bang until around 2:30 Amber and Nora showed up
and we went to KFC for food.  they got their food and Heather and i
decided to eat at BK.  we waited around for a while for Amber to get a
bus home and eventually she left at 4:30 lol she was supposed to be at
work at 4.  just a little bit late there.  Nora left around 4:15 to get
ready for work. 

that we went to valley farm to walk around a bit.  Heather found her
mommy in there and after that we walked back to her house.  just a
small note is was really cold out so we were both like numbed.  on the
way back to the house we saw kitties!! but the snow was loud so they
ran away from us -_-.  we got back around 5 and quickly ran to her room
and started listening to lips.  a few minutes later she put on her new
big bang concert to show me.  that lasted maybe half an hour before her
parents were like let’s get food food food and we were like not hungry
but we eventually left to go get food with them anyways.  i was
supposed to leave at 8, we pushed that back to 10.  after we ate at
whatever restaurant we went back to her room to watch dawson’s creek. 
i’ve become a bit addicted to that show.  i love how i can compare the
characters to me and Heather mainly but still.  when we were eating we
talked about the upcoming otakon and well it’s official we now have a
hotel room and Heather is trying to bug her parents into coming with us
but they are going to stay in another hotel.  anyways the point is we
have a hotel!!! WE’RE GOING TO OTAKON YATTA!!  and and and omg GOING TO
SEE T.M Revolution in almost 2 months.  he is my singing idol and omg
want to see him.  but yeah anyways we watched 2 episodes of dawson’s
creek and finished the first disc of the first season and we want to
finish up the season soon hopefully.

i’m eating my valentine’s
day presents now and yay candy.  reading the text on the candy hearts
too and it’s making me giggly/happy lmao.  i am very easy to please

so right now i just found out apparently our fridge don’t work and it’s soooo noisy right now.  this sucks.  my mom just got done telling me i have no sense of family or w/e.  yeah no kidding the one who raised me died when i was 15 so yeah.  not exactly like i have a real family anymore.  hell i’ve always put my friends before my family really and Heather is more family to me 😦  that’s probably not a good thing but oh well.  anyways yeah today.

i went to Heather’s at 2pm today yeah really late.  i was waiting around for her since like 12:30 and she finally texted me at 1:15 saying come over at 1:45.  anyways sat around for 2 hours literally watching stuff and eventually went out for a walk.  Heather’s dad wanted mc donalds so we went there and ate.  that took an hour.  got back to the house around 5:30 ish.  we sat around a bit more and decided around 6 to go watch dawson’s creek.  i’ve only seen two episodes but um so far i’m hooked.  that lasted until like 10 and we kept starting and stopping for stuff but imo we shared lots of lols.  we talked a bit about otakon and the new york comic con which we should be going to.  better day imo but idk. 

my newest favorite Scary Kids Scaring Kids song i’m pretty sure.  it beats out my darkest hour at least i think it does idk though.  it’s really good though either way. 

If I flew into a mountain
Burn myself to nothing
There would be something
Would it be enough?
A pistol to my temple
Pull the trigger like its nothing
That Would be something, but it’s never enough

This is all an illusion
What do you take me for?
It makes no difference what I do for you
I would give you my life but it just won’t ever be enough

I hurt someone that loved you
And said that I felt nothing
That would be something, would it be enough?
I had everything you wanted
It shows to give you nothing
That would be something
This is all too much

This is all an illusion
What do you take me for?
It makes no difference what I do for you
I would give you my life but it just won’t ever be enough
It makes no difference what I do for you
I would give you my life but it just won’t ever be enough

I’m burning alive
With a pistol to my temple
If we don’t believe this reason for living
Then we’ll never know do I want to know?
If we don’t believe this reason for living
Then we’ll never know do I want to know?
If we just give up give into the pressure we’re losing it all
We’re losing control

It makes no difference what I do for you
I would give you my life but it just won’t ever be enough
It makes no difference what I do for you
I would give you my life but it just won’t ever be enough

(What I would do for you)

went to Heather’s today surprisingly.  i hadn’t planned on going since originally she said i had no way home but decided to create some drama and tell me that fact after we had a disagreement.  so yeah i went since i had a ride home.  sat around for a bit and eventually went to Heather’s room to read some stuff i brought.  we sat around taking pictures for like an hour until her dad came upstairs and went to get us burger king… lol totally random.  we ate and sat at the computer until like 5.  almost got in an argument kind of did sort of.  sat around pretty much in silence for a bit until we eventually decided to go watch something.  eventually around 5:30 we put in dream live 3 and finished that around 7.  surprisingly we finished it without stopping it once.  we talked about some other stuff we have to watch.  eventually we took more pictures and particularly of this one thing we want to sell.  i left at 8 after eating dinner.  and it was really good lol.  i didn’t think it was all that bad of a day but idk.